Peyton Manning and Broncos’ Collective Response:



Show them, viz., the odds-makers, pundits, gamblers et als, indeed the Broncos did …


Congratulations to the Superbowl Champion Denver BRONCOS!


Well, he ain’t as pretty as Tom Brady, nor as fluidly poetic in motion (note Peyton Manning’s frenzied motion/demeanor on the snap) … Yet with the heart of a champion typifying this Broncos team, they showed them all

{as Tom Brady has been relegated to beauty pageants sponsored/hosted by unconflicted psychopath donald trump (yes, trump has been known to do that until … trump, you’re fired … for race-baiting, anti-Hispanic hitlerian demagoguery), Brady’s stated (with some duly expected fanfare) choice for president … hmmm.}




Coming back from a serious, ordinarily career-ending injury, [‘… Manning has won many awards, including the NFL MVP a record four times, he has been selected to 11 Pro Bowl teams, and was the 2007 Super Bowl MVP. The Injury: Manning has had recurrent problems with cervical disc herniation. The discs of the spine are the cushions between the vertebrae. These discs can become damaged and put pressure on the nerves surrounding the spinal cord. When pressure is put on these nerves, typical symptoms include arm pain, numbness, and weakness. In addition, a damaged disc can cause neck pain…’] it’s difficult to even imagine there could ever be a greater champion/quarterback with more heart/courage than Peyton Manning in the history of professional football … Given the debilitating seriousness of ‘spinal injuries’ and ‘nothing left to prove’, while as we all are and should be still hoping the best for prospective champion Broncos teams, it would seem wise for all-time great, Peyton Manning to borrow that disingenuous (though he is ‘without a disingenuous bone in his body’) Washingtonian beltway platitude and say, he’d like to spend more time with his family!



Yes…Defense counts!



Super Bowl 2016 MVP: Von Miller picks up top honor -


Von Miller had two turnovers and was the clear MVP for the Broncos in their Super Bowl victory over the Panthers.