Yea. Right. Sure.

Him (dubya) along with hitler, sharon, begin, idi amin, robert mugabe, osama bin laden, sadam hussein, herod, stalin, clinton, caligula, etc.. "What has he been.................drinking?"

Other than fulfillment of "novellic prophesy" of William Golding (author of 'Lord of the Flies'), as successor (to lords of the flies, bush,sr., clinton) lord of the flies, I think NOT (this is no endorsement of the clintonian alternatives).

Living proof that alcohol destroys brain cells:

Is there really, truly a doubt in anyone's mind that George Bush didn't actually choke while eating a pretzel, but rather blacked out while having "slipped/relapsed" and having drunk himself into a stupor.

As flies to a dung heap, they come to america where "rummy-dummy-dubya" is pre-ordained and destined to reprise the role of "senior" as "beelzebubush" in this modern-day, real-life (in the u.s.) equivalent of and as, "lord of the flies".