One Journalist Observes:
"He snorted cocaine ... He dodged the draft....His friends knew him as an alcoholic womanizer with a bad temper....a complete failure at business until his wealthy friends rescued him. Yet within a few short years he was elected Governor of Texas, and quickly catapulted into the White House in spite of losing the popular vote. Then he was re-elected with last minute help from Osama Bin Laden, in spite of high disapproval ratings. He still couldn't think his way out of a wet paper bag without the advice of his staff .....and yet he's been able to declare an endless war and institute some of the most radical changes in American history ....
....... How has He done it?
And Concludes:
I submit to you that George Walker Bush is the ANTI-CHRIST. The violence and destruction that began when Bush first entered office, is now certain to culminate in the apocalypse, as predicted in the Bible over 2,000 years ago."
And Not Without Foundation As Set Forth Immediately Hereafter (And Don't Forget Their Love of 'The Devil Sign'. Born Again.........luciferians?):



The Vietnam war was a painful time for America. Many young Americans were drafted and died thousands of miles from their loved ones. Young men of priviledge had a clear advantage - few of them went to Vietnam, securing positions in the National Guards of their respective states. George W. Bush was one of these men, securing a place in the Texas Air National Guard in spite of a waiting list of several hundred. However, he claims that he did not receive special consideration, which is clearly a lie.

Most of the young men lucky enough to get into the Guard fulfilled their obligations. George W. Bush did not. He was absent without leave, AWOL, for over a year. Not surprisingly, this got little attention from the corporate media.

There are no witnesses left to verify whether or not Bush fulfilled his Guard duty, and no witnesses left to verify that he did indeed receive special treatment. In spite of a substantial reward that has been posted, no one has come forward to claim that he fulfilled his commitment.

Election 2000

George W. Bush's legacy is crystal clear: he will be remembered as the man who hijacked the Presidency. There will be an asterisk * after his name in history books.

During the election debaucle in Florida, there were reports of voter intimidation. The Choice Point list of "felons" kept thousands of eligible voters off the rolls. There was furious litigation by the Bush campaign to stop the counting, at any cost.

History will not be kind to this Administration. Although the media has been compromised, and is now little more than a propaganda organ for the corporatist elite, you can still make sense of the lies if you're willing to search for the truth. The Internet has been our best defense against the propaganda, a place for all of us to gather and compare notes, and dissect the lies.

Spread the word - don't let them bury the truth. George W. Bush is not the President.


George W. Bush would like for all of us to think that he is tough on corporate crime, when in truth, he is one of the criminals.

Enron recently filed what was at the time, the largest bankruptcy in US history (since then, WorldCom has that distinction). Enron executives helped shape White House energy policy - a fact that Bush and Cheney tried diligently to keep secret.

Enron was Bush's and the GOP's largest campaign contributer. Over 50 high-level officials in the Bush Administration, including the White House, the Departments of the Treasury, Commerce, and State, the U.S. Trade Representative's office and EPA, had ties to Enron. Indeed, Bush is so tight with former CEO, Kenneth Lay, that he calls him, affectionately, "Kenny Boy".

The Bush Administration has tried to cover up their close ties with Enron, and while they have succeeded to some degree, at least with our major media, sites like The Daily Enron present the truth.


In November of 1986, the nation learned that Vice President George H.W. Bush, CIA Director William Casey, and Lt. Col. Oliver North had been the architects of a scheme to trade arms to Iran.

In October 1980, President Jimmy Carter was running a close race for President against Ronald Reagan. Carter was negotiating with Iranian officials for the release of 52 Americans held captive by extremists in Iran. The Reagan/Bush campaign knew that if Carter successfully negotiated the release of the hostages, he would be certain to win the Presidential election in November. The Reagan/Bush campaign referred to the possible release of the hostages under Carter as Carter's "October Surprise" and were determined that he would not succeed in gaining their release.

Iranian officials were approached by Reagan/Bush officials and offered a deal: use their influence on the militant Iranians holding the hostages, and delay the release until after the election. In return, the Iranians would receive arms for their war against Iraq. The deal was struck, and the hostages were kept prisoner until after the election, hours before Reagan's inauguration.

After the hostages' release, the arms shipments to Iran continued. Profits were funneled to another pet cause of the right wing - the Nicuaraguan terrorists known as "freedom fighters" or "Contras". Another Contra source of income was trafficking in narcotics, running cocaine into the United States, with the full knowledge and cooperation of Administration officials. In the 80's there was a huge increase in the flow of cheap crack cocaine into the inner cities of America and countless lives were destroyed.

A series of investigations led to the convictions of Oliver North and Vice Admiral John C. Poindexter, head of the National Security Council, on charges of obstructing Congress and unlawfully destroying documents, but both their convictions were later reversed. In 1992 President George H.W. Bush pardoned many of the top government officials who had been charged or convicted in the scheme. The main perpetrators of Iran/Contra and associated events remain free today, and many of them work in George W. Bush's Administration.

Kennedy Assassination

After the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, Kennedy was blamed by the CIA for refusing support to their plan to overthrow Fidel Castro. Were they angry enough to plot his assassination? There are many unanswered questions about Kennedy's murder to this day. We will probably never know the full truth.

George H. W. Bush supposedly became CIA Director without ever having served in the CIA, a questionable claim. In fact, a memo from the F.B.I. to the State Department a few days after the murder would seem to indicate otherwise. The memo stated that information about both pro-Castro and anti-Castro groups had been passed along to "George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency".


It's evident to anyone who has seen him make a speech that George W. Bush is not the man in charge, despite numerous attempts by the spin-meisters to paint him as a strong leader. We are not fooled. Forty-three is merely a puppet, a stunt double for Forty-One, the man who lurks behind the scenes and is known affectionately as "Poppy," George Herbert Walker Bush.

The Bush campaign sought to reassure the public about Bush's intellectual shortcomings, pointing to "trusted advisors" as a sop to our concern. It doesn't surprise us that these advisors also held key positions in Bush the Elder's Administration.

According to Mother Jones, "he often calls National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of State Colin Powell to share his thoughts on foreign policy, which are relayed to the president. Since a large number of Bush Jr.'s aides worked in his father's administration, Bush Sr.'s calls are always answered and his ideas given unusual weight."

Of the three generations of Bush men mentioned on this site, the most evil and most dangerous by far is George Bush, Sr.

Prescott Bush

The Bush family came by their wealth on the backs of 11 million dead. Prescott Bush, along with partner E. Ronald Harriman, supplied financial aid and raw materials to Hitler's Third Reich.

In 1942, Bush/Harriman companies were seized under the Trading with the Enemy Act: the Union Banking Corporation, the Holland-American Trading Corporation, the Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation and Silesian-American Corporation.

After the war, the CIA recruited many former Nazis to work for them, escaping prosecution for war crimes. Klaus Barbie, infamous for ordering the murder of French Jewish children, was among them. He was, however, eventually caught and returned to France to stand trial.

It is a Bush family tradition to rub elbows with evil men. What do Hitler, Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Pinochet and Iranian extremists have in common?

September 11

George W. Bush knew.

Bush claims that he had no inkling of what was going to happen in America on September 11, 2001, but this is clearly a lie. There were many warnings, even 2 intercepted by the NSA on the day before the tragedy that indicated an attack was imminent. Intelligence in Israel, Egypt, France, Jordan, Morocco, and England warned the Bush administration about pending hijackings and plans to attack American targets.

On September 10, the day before the tragedy, a group of Pentagon officials canceled their travel plans because of security concerns. Why?

Two of the hijackers were known terrorists to the CIA and the FBI at the time they were attending flight school. They informed their instructors that they were not interested in learning how to take off or to land, just how to maneuver the plane while it was in the air. They were known terrorists, and they were not arrested or detained and interrogated. Why?

Shortly before the 9/11 attacks, John Ashcroft stopped flying commercial and started flying on government-chartered planes. Why?

In fact, the George W. Bush received many warnings that he disregarded. Bush knew, and he did nothing. Why?

Oil, that's why. And a free rein to rape the Constitution.

The Bush Administration did not hesitate to take advantage of the aftermath of the World Trade Center tragedy. They began pushing their agenda immediately, including the Patriot Act, with a total disregard for rights guaranteed our citizens under the Constitution. He wanted billions for defense and he got it, especially after a series of anthrax-contaminated mail was sent to Democrats, killing postal workers in its route. The American people were frightened, and rightly so, but the one they should fear most is the one who calls himself their President.

Silenced Voices

Some of the individuals who were likely murdered by America's shadow government were members of the underworld who learned the hard way that there's no honor among thieves. But others were the truest patriots, honest, idealistic Americans who attempted to gather intelligence on an enemy without military hardware or a sophisticated intelligence network to back them up. They rank among America's greatest heroes.

Yet some of them died in virtual anonymity. Indeed, the nature of their deaths may have encouraged the media to ignore them. And their silence is magnified by the millions of Americans who remain mired in apathy, blissfully unaware that a noose is quietly tightening around all our necks.

The grayness of the unknown often takes on a life of its own, encouraging silence rather than valor and sometimes paralyzing us with fear. Yet the best antidote for fear is action.

Parents and teachers who teach children about America's greatest events and heroes - Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address, Sequoyah and his invention of the Cherokee alphabet, Rosa Parks and her stoic refusal to bow to the politics of racism - should also tell children about Steve Kangas, Danny Casolaro and other daring souls who kept the candles of democracy burning while their ignorant neighbors were helping the George Bush clan extinguish the fire.

Their voices are silenced only when OUR voices are silent.

David Blomstrom
The Invisible Republic

Texas Justice

With George W. Bush as Governor, Texas ranked first in executions and dead last in social services. Bush opposed legislation banning the execution of people with IQs under 65 and legislation providing funding for the basic legal defense of indigent people. Instead Bush signed off on 152 executions, in what has been described as an "assembly-line" death penalty process. In a 1998 report, Amnesty International stated that "at every step in the death penalty process in Texas, a litany of grossly inadequate legal procedures fail to meet recognized minimum international standards for the protection of human rights."

Many of these inmates had attorneys that were clearly incompetent, even falling asleep during the trial. According to the Washington Post, "With few public defender offices in Texas, most indigent defendants must rely on court-appointed lawyers. Interviews with lawyers and other experts, as well as a review of 16 Texas death penalty cases, revealed instances in which lawyers in capital trials slept though key testimony, failed to file crucial legal papers correctly or on time, or had been cited for professional misconduct repeatedly in their careers."

Even when presented with evidence of possible innocence, George W. Bush refused to show mercy to any of the 152 dead. In fact, Bush has said that he doesn't need to study the evidence, that he trusts the mechanizations of the system, a system that has proven to be seriously flawed.


On June 17, 1972, five burglars were caught in the offices of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate apartment and office complex in Washington, D.C. The chain of events that followed ended with Nixon's resignation on August 9, 1974.

George Bush Sr. became RNC Chairman in the midst of the Watergate scandal, when the burglars were still on trial. Unlike other Party officials, he actually had an office in the building where Nixon preferred to work. When asked how Bush rated a government office, a GOP spokesman replied that it was actually a "guest" office, although Bush spent a lot of his time there. According to journalist Al Reinert, "when Nixon became president, Bush became a teacher's pet, a presidential favorite, described in the press as one of 'Nixon's men'." We have no doubt that George H.W. Bush had a powerful influence over Nixon, as he had over Reagan in later years, operating as always in the background, behind the scenes.