MY MOST RECENT ASSAULT/ROBBERY (THERE HAVE BEEN MANY, ALONG WITH OTHER CRIMES, DISCUSSED INFRA AND SUPRA) BY 4-5 NEGROES AND 2 HISPANICS WHO WERE AFTER AND DID TAKE DOCUMENTS (I HAD FORTUNATELY MADE COPIES) AMONG OTHER ITEMS OCURRED ON 2-16-02. Click here and here. People can no longer afford the politically expediant luxury of ignoring the substantial resemblance the negroe bears to apes of various sorts (ie., gorillas, chimpanzees, other monkeys, etc., from furrowed brow, to lips, to color, to jaw structure, to uncivilized behavior, etc). Moreover, that apes and negroes are indigenous to the same (sub-saharan) regions is as well a telling fact that people are afraid to confront. Similarly, it is no coincidence that wherever the negroe is, whether sub-saharan Africa or the inner cities of this country among others, violent and other crime and despoiling uncivilized behavior is extent as a direct consequence of their presence. Indeed, the cost to society of the negroe is substantial though most are fearful to embrace this reality. It should be noted that long ago when negroes sold other vanguished (by negroes) negroes into slavery at a time when slavery was globally accepted, America made the unfortunate and very costly error of bringing negroes to its shores [the indigenous people from whom the criminal Americans (in violation of any notion of International Law) criminally took the land would never have made such an egregious and injurious error]. The truth is that the negroe has made the American criminals (predominantly criminals, rejects, and mentally ill people) feel good about themselves owing to the blatently pathetic, ignorant, and inherently uncivilized nature of the negroe, at great cost to the civilized. My warning by way of international phone call to the whites of South Africa went unheeded with the foreseeable consequences of murders of white farmers/ranchers and land confiscations at the hands of the uncivilized negroes (the result of the failure to heed my admonition). It is time that the uncivilized negroes be either imprisoned for their substantial crimes (discussed infra, along with the politicized welfare scam given the inherently criminal nature of the negroe), required to pay for their cost to society, or sent back to Africa which should be preferred. There are some that posit in the Biblical sense that the blacks/browns/negroes are the "mark of Cain"; that God colored them so that none would mistake their resemblance to excrement; and I sincerely assert that objective consideration of the facts leads ineluctably to the conclusion that the negroe should either be imprisoned and taken off the streets for their continuing crimes and cost to civilized society or deported to their homeland (roots/Africa). View the future if the problems with the blacks are not confronted,and more and the growing severity of same. Clearly, diverting resources to these uncivilized animals is contra- indicated, self-destructive folly on the part of the more civilized (ie., purportedly, the "G8")which would only serve to perpetuate these criminal regimes which typify the blacks, to the detriment of the civilized.

California remains a "vanguard state"; that is, a "trendsetter" for America. Click here My most recent "experience" with the uncivilized negroe/black/ape occurred in the early morning hours of August 18, 2002, when I was threatened with harm by a menacing, uncivilized negroe if I did not vacate the public bus stop (Northridge, CA), where said ape then lay down in a prone position as if to sleep. The police, whom I promptly called, stated they were powerless to do anything against said negroe under the statutes as written despite my wanting to press charges against the negroe for the threats. Another update from Africa; and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and the very latest in the uncivilized blacks war on whites, click here and (view some of the horror by clicking on the PHOTO GALLERY link) here .

What you don't hear from the "anti-law enforcement" lobby are the statistics as to who is committing most of the crimes,CLICK HERE in LA and throughout america.Click.

The propagandized notion of "judeo-Christian" as a raison d'etra for policy as to Israel ( a terrorist nation from its inception as discussed infra ) is as preposterous as it is false and oxymoronic; viz., the jews as murderers of Christ still disavow the very heart and essence of Christianity which is Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ . Israel has been a terrorist nation from inception (bombings, killing 34 American sailors on the ship "Liberty" by "act of state" in bombing said U.S. ship, etc.)click here . The Israelis have been corrupting and despoiling processes in America which nation "gets played" by the Israelis to America's detriment. View Justin Raimondo's Investigation to Israeli links to 9-11and getting worse click here ;and still more, and even more and there is no doubt that the Christ-killing jews are natural born killers/thieves - click here. UN resolutions must be enforced against Israel - click here.. click here ;and still more, and even more and there is no doubt that the Christ-killing jews are natural born killers/thieves - click here; and here . Zionism is exposed; click here . US sponsored/financed (including weaponry) terrorism against children and other violations of international law;and more, click here and here and here and the following, click here click here , for an eye opening explanation. click here concerning israeli disinformation/propaganda and here . UN resolutions must be enforced against Israel - click here.... Israeli soldiers fire toward U.N. workers - click here.Israel hits their mark, click here. The UN condemns israel's murders and "Christ-killing ways". click here and more, click here The EU takes the high road and a rational position, click here . For the very latest on the israeli deception, click here and for some insight into the problem click here.

America's policy regarding israel is irrational, inherently dangerous (given the typical provocateur/terrorist/assassin israeli modus operandi)CLICK HERE. And more, click here.

israel (and their u.s. surrogate/proxy criminals) the Biggest Threat to World Peace - The Rational View From the Civilized EU - Click Here

Time to protest the funding, including the almost unbelievable (given the looming u.s. deficits) prospective grant to israel of $12 billion over and above their usual stipend. Responsibility and rationality would require outright denial of the aforesaid and make their $3 billion stipend depend upon their adherence to previously passed U.N. resolutions (ie., 242,338,Oslo Accord, etc.) and international law.

The u.s. is on the wrong side of this one.

The Only Good Jew is a Dead Jew

With the pervasiveness of bribes, drug money, and other criminal acts, a nation founded upon the principle of illegally taking the property of others, defendant USA had reached (in globally historic terms) peak based upon the uniquely "American doctrine" of the "greater criminal theory". Specifically, no nation has compared to America 's endemic criminality, attracting the most dedicated criminals who have been accor- ded enormous protection (presumption of innocence, no self-incrimination, etc.). A propaganda machine of enormous proportion with controlled media, the U.S. has employed such historic fictions as the doctrine of "manifest destiny"(in taking the land of and perpetrating near genocide upon the indigenous people of what now is purported to be the "united states"), etc., to rationalize America's illegitimacy and illegal acts. Indeed, for example, the recent bombing and murder of innocent civilians with cruise missiles (of ie., aspirin factories in Sudan) of other nations to divert attention from the numerous personal crimes of America's (reknown despite corrupt coverup) criminal leader Clinton, typifies America's willingness to violate any notion of law to avoid detection, exposure, truth, and justice. Coincidentally, on this day it came over the wire that the Pentagon was opposing the executive order to destroy the poppy crops (heroin,opium, etc.) consistent with America's now lingering presence in Afghanistan and America's insatiable appetite for illegal drugs and the illicit cash for bribes, [ie., judges, enforcement(ie., DEA, prosecutors, etc.), politicians, etc] generated thereby. Click here and here . This should neither be surprising nor news to anyone but the blind or uniformed propagandized citizenry, which is almost everyone in the U.S. Even the churches are not immune to the inherent and pervasively perverse, despoiling "American effect". Indeed, priestly and pastoral fondling and abuse of children is consistent with America's criminal past and present. Indeed, Clinton's brutal rape of Juanita Broderick, his "dismissal from" Oxford for sexual assault, involvement in the drug trade (ie., Mena, Arkansas), murders to cover up his numerous perversities and crimes, "shake-down", bribery schemes for, ie., pardons for substantial criminals, (hasidic jews in N.Y. for votes for Clinton's partner in crime, viz., Hillary, money to criminal brother Roger), etc.

In sum, it is about "that time" as has been so of other fallen nations of bygone eras that America as well has entered an unequivocal and substantial decline. Like said fallen nations of past eras, America's glaring lack of meaningful rules of law, corruption in virtually every aspect of American government (all branches, viz., legislative, judicial, executive) and business [ie., Enron/Global Crossing(mere "tips of the iceberg)], Wall Street [dot com scams (another "tip of the iceberg")], murders to cover up same, and apathy, indifference, ignorance, rationalization, and fear precluding a remedial and salutary approach to dealing appropriately with same. Like lemmings propelled to the precipice, americans, individually and collectively, have without even a modicum of courage blindly accepted the dismal fate of a nation so steeped in its criminal way that it has become top heavy with the masses of criminals and mentally ill people (rejects of other nations) gravitating to America's shores which are a safe haven for all but the dumbest criminals.

Living proof that alcohol destroys brain cells:

Is there really, truly a doubt in anyone's mind that George Bush didn't actually choke while eating a pretzel, but rather blacked out while having "slipped/relapsed" and having drunk himself into a stupor. Anyone who has painfully listened to Dubya speak particularly in response to questions requiring a modicum of concentration and thought (ie., the recent press conference, etc.), and requiring coherent response, would have to concur that said neurological impairment evidenced thereby is consistent with that extent in any alcoholic.

Once a rummy, always a rummy; and this rummy "Dubya", is also a collossal dummy.

In fairness to "Dubya", if your own father was known to be a global criminal (though slightly less in magnitude than the sordid, perverted global criminal Clinton) involved in the drug trade and murders and other crimes consistent therewith, do you not think you might also be an alcoholic? Dubya's college background as a cheerleader (yes, a male cheerleader) has served him well in "post 9-11" America. (see also infra, material re: criminals Clinton/Bush Sr., Reagen's senility in office consistent with current state, etc.) Did you know that John F. Kennedy, (at the time preceding his assassination by U.S. operatives including mob, CIA, and southern U.S. "interests" -JFK had threatened to take LBJ off the "ticket" -) at the time that he was issuing orders for and had American operatives already committing assassinations of world leaders, was "main-lining" speed on a daily basis (in addition to his well documented dalliances and links to the mob)[It also is noteworthy that "Chappaquidick king of the Judiciary Committee" Ted Kennedy (remember Mary Jo Kopechne) is "choosing" federal judges; probably owing to his own experience with criminal "law"].

Inherent criminality coupled with a lack of intelligence and talent can lead to globally catastrophic events, precedents, and consequences. The "wag-the-dog" (cruise missile) bombings of aspirin factories by global criminal Clinton is now the apparent modus operandi of (son of and soon to be new global criminal) Bush. Click here. A real soldier saw this coming; click here, and here , here. Is the worst of history about to repeat itself? That is, has the world lost its mind not to see through this contrived, desperate act by global criminals who are counting upon the acquiescence of the collective equivalent of what will have morphed into "lemmings/sheep". here, here. Is the world about to let an ignorant, talentless, drunk embark upon a course of war owing to his own inability to deal with the endemic and systemic corruption and economic decline in that "great lie called America"? Click here. and Click here. Such action would more than justify China invading Taiwan, North Korea invading South Korea, etc., and all because America has failed the test of time and seeks desperately to use contrived incidents to divert attention from the reality of a failed nation-state; economically, politically, geo-politically; domestically and internationally. The most lucid speaker on the point has been Robert Byrd who accurately stated that what is going down (precipated by what appears to be a pre-determined desperation move by a failed leadership of a failed nation the decline of which will be exascerbated by same) is essentially an abrogation of the constitution and concomittantly, a meaningful rule of law.

Bush must not be given war powers if a semblance of what little meaning remains of "U.S. law" is to survive.

. Click here, here; and here. The problem with Byrd who also pointed to the fact that Clinton's crime(s - there were so many substantial felonies/crimes,viz., murders, rapes, etc., that were covered up) was a high crime/impeachable offense. It should be noted that clinton (the bastard son of a drunken whore - yes; it's true that clinton did not know who his real father was, and there have been conflicting claims of paternity) left this country as he left arkansas; viz., corrupt, conflicted, in decline, new lows, bearly foisting off his frauds/crimes/b**l s**t on the public. Hill(and)Billy clinton(s) , along with brother roger should be in jail. Byrd (amazingly) voted NOT and sided with the criminal Clinton with consequences, including the presence of the dumbest, and corrupt, inept "dubyah" bush, who like his global criminal and presidentially inept father,george hoover(appropriate moniker for dubya as well, excuse me, herbert) walker bush, contrived a war where none was necessary causing untold pain and hardship (and economic cost/waste) to this day (have you heard about the 20,000 or so sick vets who have been denied benefits, plus civilians in kuwait, iraq, etc.) (See also, "What we're looking at is a biological weapon," said Joyce Riley (website: Gulf War Illness (GWI) is a communicable disease, with not only spouses and children in families of veterans coming down with symptoms, but their pets as well. Riley, an impassioned speaker, is a nurse who served as a captain in the Gulf War. "We're looking at an astronomical figure," Riley said estimating that as many as 400,000 veterans have some symptoms of GWI). . This incompetent and desperate (for a diversion from their ineptitude) administration has talked openly in terms of assassinating Hussein (ops, etc.) and then protested the protocol concerning the palaces; the criminal u.s. is now talking like the sick "drunk" its leader most assuredly is and in terms of "ruling" (stealing their oil) Iraq; and, is there any doubt that the u.s. is nothing but a bunch of sick, desperate criminals who want to maintain the false facade through more international crime? By the ineptitude of this administration and that so-called "leadership" (ie., congress, etc.), through the war room/propaganda machine, the likes of which this world has never seen , they would have the world believe that the sniper attacks in the D.C. area, McVeigh/Oklahoma city, and maybe even america's exceedingly high murder rate are "Al Queda", linked to Iraq, etc.. Preposterous; and this world and america would be better off if the so-called "super-power" america was what it falsely purports to be, rather than the nation of criminals and mentally ill people that america truely is. Click here. . The so-called "leader", dubya, has called for a search for the source of "the enemy's" weapons. Well, "rummy-dummy" need look no further than the shores of america and israel. Indeed, examining the numbers on the huge spending by america compared to other nations on weaponry, Click here, said nations are merely trying to "keep up with the criminal-mental-case-american-joneses". Former President and General Eisenhower warned of the american military complex. His concerns were well founded. Whell, the U.S. does need, as during the vietnam war, dead american soldiers whose body bags provided the means by which to smuggle out huge quantities of heroine,cocaine, etc.. That is the unfortunate reality and truth. Moreover, there is the added lure to the desperate american criminals of oil that is not theirs but that they long to steal - theft,murder, and other crimes, the real american way.

Did you know that Saddam Hussein(Iraq) (the U.S.' "client state" in the U.S. conflict against Iran - indeed, most of the so-called "weapons of mass destruction" were supplied to Iraq by the U.S.) got the "green light" to move against Kuwait (similar protocol as in incursions against Iran from same U.S. government channels/operatives ? As Colonel Butler aptly pointed out, Bush needed the same to divert attention from his Presidential ineptitude (as did criminal Clinton in squandering a hard fought cold war victory). While initially opposing the obvious (to any but the ignorant and propagandized - most Americans), I also indeed "rallied to the cause" for the sake of the American foot-soldier, and made clear my position for taking out Hussein at that time. That time has passed. Indeed, the provocateur/terrorist israelis, ie., Sharon, Netanyahu, have succeeded in making even the likes of Hussein a heroe in light of the israeli violations of international law, U.N. resolutions, etc., which militate against such action without prior proportionate action against the terrorist/provocative state of israel. Scott Ritter, a U.S. soldier and former weapons inspector in Iraq and in the know, has gone on the record in opposing this contrived military strike on Iraq. Iraq's fact-based reply to "phoney tony's bluster" . The EU opposes this contrived war. Here, here.
Did you know that that so-called "american heroe" john mccain was referred to by his fellow pows in Vietnam as something akin to the "songbird" inasmuch as he was constantly "singing" to his Viet-Cong captors to curry favor and better treatment? This has been documented with authority by Colonel David Hackworth. The same violates military code/protocol (other soldiers have been court-martialed for far less) Here, here. But, you see, this covered up scenario, compromizing the false facade of far less than a heroe, is exactly what a criminal (lie of a) nation as america loves and encourages (get everyone's hands dirty so no-one dares to rectify same, ie., bush, sr., clinton, bush, jr.). That is, "toe the (corrupt, propagandized) line", become a criminal, or be exposed, prosecuted, and/or ruined; and, hasn't anyone asked how "wall street" has been "spared the spotlight" (and even was accorded protective legislation from their criminal culpability) and focus of inquiry, attention, and prosecution despite being the primary beneficiaries financial and otherwise of these scams (you know the wall street motto, "churn and earn"; huge conflicts of interest if not outright fraud). As far back as 1994/1995 (to FBI Agent Barndollar) and subsequently and in my court filings I alluded to the fact that stock prices were "floating on air", infinite price/earnings ratios, etc., and a fraud on the public; yet my admonitions went unheeded. Wall street seems to be back to their "air-ball ways" with their preposterous "the elusive bottom is here", "happy days are here again", suckers' bear market/short-covering rally (this trading range or lower could last for decades) particularly in light of the ineptitude of this administration/congress.
Did you know that Giuliani, the "crime family buster" actually paved the way for John Gotti/Gambino crime family preeminance by "retiring the old guard"? He would not touch the "teflon (through bribes, etc.) don". Indeed, FBI informants against gotti were exposed by the feds (over FBI handlers' objections) and killed. If not for a brazened flaw, viz., his love for publicity, [ie., openly appearing at then (mob family) trump's plaza hotel after sister maryanne trump as corrupt federal judge jailed someone without hearing or bail for alledgedly threatening gotti's life, etc.] gotti would have continued his reign as a "working arm of the behind-the-scenes american government". No surprise that mary jo white(wash) didn't prosecute the hillbilly pardongate clintons or toricelli, and that bush permitted (if not being complicit in allowing) this miscarriage of justice. Did you wonder why giuliani endorsed mario cuomo(the queen's n.y. mob's own) and not pataki? The fact is that you can't get elected mayor of n.y. without getting into bed with the (multi-ethnic, jewish, italian, irish, negroe, hispanic, etc.) mob. Note bloomberg's "principled stand in defense of the sopranos". As an aside, one should always question the mental stability of anyone as giuliani who grew up in brooklyn, n.y. with a lisp.
Americans should protest america's irrational plicies toward israel Here, here. americans

It is my understanding that america has prepared a purported list of Iraqi "war criminals" for submission to the Hague (International Court). Any real and credible list would necessarily have to include american criminals as well as particularly, israel's sharon and netanyahu. Of course, Iraq would not have to worry if they were america's "war criminals". And of course, america, the world's super war criminal and the land of the great lie, has sought and apparently received what purports to be "immunity", for their pre-conceived (out of desparation - note the preposterousness of the 'sucker's-stock-market/all-news-however-bad-is-good-news' scenario when fundamentally america's position, economically and otherwise continues to deteriorate as one reasonably expects from a fallen fraud of a nation in decline, viz., usa) conflagration against scapegoat and diversion from reality (of america's inherent criminality), Iraq. Indeed, despite america's blatently "bought and corrupt democracy" (bribes, crimes, etc.), the fraud in america's "electoral process" has become prevalent and more blatent. The fact is that america attempts once again to pull off yet again more international crime when the primary source of the world's problems is 'america the ugly'. Keep in mind that america never had that so-called prosperity or surplus but rather relied upon and protected the huge stock market fraud (for example, Click here), and the so-called "surplus", which is/was not only not a surplus, but rather was an i.o.u. to what in reality is a bankrupt social security trust fund - liabilities with actuarial certainty far out-stripping assets). America the Great Fraud and home not of the brave, but the ugly, criminal, sick american(s). "The HOMIELAND".

The question posed by america's brainless "leader" as to where some of these nations getting their weapons? One need only look look at the relative size of military/defense spending (and the military industrial complex) in the U.S. compared to that of nations who have had to keep up with the criminal "mental-case-american-joneses". Indeed, through backdoors and even front doors the answer can in most instances be found by looking no further than the shores of america and israel. In fact, the israelis have ignored international law/protocol regarding their nuclear arsenal and take the "tact" of provocation through violations of international law, with the the threat of nuclear retaliation if the nations responding to israeli violations of international law begin to win. Balance and deterrent requires that the arab nations be similarly armed, or israel disarmed of nuclear arms and subject to inspection. Former President and General Eisenhower warned of the american military industrial complex.> Click here, here. His concerns were well founded. Whell, america does need as they did during the vietnam war, body bags of dead american soldiers in which they could (and can) smuggle illegal drugs (heroin, etc.) back to the u.s. in large quantities. Rummy-dummy-dubya has taunted the U.N. with his brainless "rhetoric", referring to them collectively as (a) "pussy", even as they try to maintain a sense of (international) law and order when confronted with the dumb "schoolyard-bully-america" (along with their financed terrorist state, israel), a nation that can no longer globally compete on the merits, and will show huge deficits for the fiscal irresponsibility of dim-wit-bush, a man without a plan, an idea, intelligence, or moral compass. There is no bigger "pussy" in the world than rummy-dummy-dubya, who has never fought a battle on his own but rather, as now, relies on his thugs, as hoover walker bush senior. (Clinton was also an egregious thug/criminal). Walter Cronkite, having been at the front of such scenarios for decades, admonishes a contrived "iraq conflagration" to be the advent of World War III. Click here. I can honestly state that there will be no World War IV inasmuch as it is doubtful that the inheritors of the earth, cockroaches and other vermin, will ever even think of developing, much less using, nuclear weapons, with america exceeding the most corrupt criminal regimes in history.

As flies to a dung heap, they come to america where "rummy-dummy-dubya" appears to feel pre-ordained and destined to reprise the role of "senior" as "beelzebubush" in this modern-day, real-life (in the u.s.) equivalent of and as, "lord of the flies".

I say what I mean, and mean what I say.

Out of respect for my decorated (silver star, bronze star, purple heart, etc. - they were stolen by american criminals) deceased (1952-service connected) father's military service (if alive he would tell the criminal american government to shove them up their criminal american asses), I have refrained from comment in deference to soldiers who had no choice (but to join in the global crimes for oil committed by the desperate, broke, and fallen america(n criminals), while also discerning the precise scope of america's crimes as to me personally. My web sites will be updated shortly to reflect the excascerbating effects of america's criminal acts globally and domestically. Clearly, a review of this site reveals that all that I have said and as predicted, is true. As a new, non-british European, the time has come for all nations to boycott the products of the criminal american companies. My web sites will be updated and a cd of the subject files will be disseminated on demand and I will eventually attempt to provide multilingual versions through conversion software. Moreover I hereby relinguish copyright herein and consent to copies and dissemination of any and all contained herein. Like the criminal elder bush, 'rummy dummy dubya' dodges the bullet of accountability for his ineptitude, temporarily diverting attention from the same; and yet nothing has changed other than america is glaringly in decline and criminally responsible for the damage america has caused domestically and globally, economically and otherwise. Bush is too dumb to have a plan. Like clinton , bush sr., and now bush jr. they attempt to b**l s**t everyone into "thinking" otherwise. Now that the soldiers are out of harm's way, it is time for them to come to grips with the enormity of america's criminal acts. Indeed, there are no weapons of mass destruction. Those weapons of mass destruction given(sold) to them by the criminal americans had been as represented by Iraq, disposed of when they foolishly agreed to their course of adhering to a rule of international law which america has blatently disregarded. In point of fact america neither adheres to, has reverence for, or acts in accordance with any semblance of law, domestically or internationally. The reason is clear. The criminal americans are blatently global and domestic criminals. While one could hardly shed a tear for the likes of a criminal like saddam hussein, the truth is that for years he was america's criminal, and certainly the israelis fall into that current category. "Be all the criminal you can be - be american", the rallying/recruiting cry for all things american; military, business, "law", etc. The fact is that the said soldiers must face the truth that their brutal and criminal massacres of innocent women and children (for oil, directly and indirectly, see infra) was in furtherance of the criminal american regime which under a far greater criminal and tyrant in 'rummy dummy dubya' who has used the "oldest tyrants' trick in the book" by diverting attention from his own ineptitude, and the fact that america is economically and otherwise 'broke', still in decline, and without even a remote possibility of changing said course. People have asked why Iraq, why not North Korea. The fact is that the gutless american criminals/thugs could not win a war now against North Korea, just as they could not years ago, and as was so with Vietnam. Grenada is more the cowardly, criminal american's speed. Indeed, america is not a "democracy", but rather a cabal of global criminals who like the street thug, drug dealer, gangster attempts to maintain a false facade of prosperity and legitimacy through illegal activities when neither are true. I personally will be going to mainland Europe, disavowing the criminal american regime. The looting, pillaging, and plundering extent in Iraq as a consequence of america's brutal and illegal assault is as always, criminally and typically 'america' where one can be all the criminal he or she can be. The fraudulent stock market as was so under clinton, remains particularly so under rummy dummy dubya who has never done anything well in his entire life. This is not to say that the clintonian criminal alternatives are any better. They all epitomize typical american criminals. All nations should boycott any and all products of the criminal americans (and british partisans, along with israel) lest they indeed be even more pathetic than they presently appear in the face of the criminal american aggression. The criminal acts of the criminal american regime have not changed the course of decline of the criminal american regime, but like the worst of history's tyrannical regimes from Rome (ie., Caligula, etc.) to Hitler, etc., have guaranteed their downfall and demise. How could anyone not be ashamed to be labeled a(n)(criminal) american. The cradle of civilization, first despoiled by, then destroyed, pillaged and plundered by the criminal americans. How tragic and pathetic. As a new mainland (non-british) European I can confirm what they already know, that america is now a transparently fraudulent criminal regime, domestically and internationally, without any redeeming value whatsoever, the downfall and decline of which has already begun and is assured. While I believe in free enterprise, I can assure you that (for many years) the same is not alive and well in america whose products are just not able to compete in terms of quality, price, and performance. The die is cast. america has fallen, america's demise is assured.

It most assuredly is "that time" as has been seen of other fallen nations of bygone eras that America as well has entered an unequivocal and substantial decline. Like said fallen nations of past eras, America's glaring lack of meaningful rules of law, corruption in virtually every aspect of American government (all branches, viz., legislative, judicial, executive) and business [ie., Enron/Global Crossing(mere "tips of the iceberg)], Wall Street [dot com scams (another "tip of the iceberg")], murders to cover up same, and apathy, indifference, ignorance, rationalization, and fear precluding a remedial and salutary approach to dealing appropriately with same. Like lemmings propelled to the precipice, americans, individually and collectively, have without even a modicum of courage blindly accepted the dismal fate of a nation so steeped in its criminal way that it has become top heavy with the masses of criminals and mentally ill people (rejects of other nations) gravitating to America's shores which are a safe haven for all but the dumbest criminals.

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