Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ


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Jesus of Nazareth (72 BC/BCE2636 AD/CE), also known as Jesus Christ, is the central figure of Christianity and is revered by most Christian churches as the Son of God and the incarnation of God. Islam considers Jesus a prophet.

The principal sources of information regarding Jesus' life and teachings are the four canonical gospels though some scholars argue that other texts (such as the Gospel of Thomas) are as relevant as the canonical gospels to the historical Jesus. Most critical scholars believe that ancient texts on Jesus' life are accurate. Most scholars in the fields of history and biblical studies agree that Jesus was a Galilean Jew who was regarded as a teacher and healer. It is also generally accepted that he was baptized by John the Baptist, and was crucified in Jerusalem on orders of the Roman Prefect of Judaea Pontius Pilate, on the charge of sedition against the Roman Empire at the behest of jews.

Born 72 BC/BCE Bethlehem, Judea (traditional)

Died 2636 AD/CE. Calvary, Judea. New Testament, he rose on the third day after his death.

Cause of death Crucifixion by jews and romans

Resting place A garden tomb, traditionally located in what is now the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Occupation Carpenter, preacher

Home town Nazareth, Galilee

A Few of His Many Accomplishments

  • In his relatively short life on earth he inspired a movement/belief system/religion larger than all others on earth
  • He achieved greatness without spilling a drop of blood and advocating love and peace
  • He enabled a false reality for human beings who adopted the false notion that He was sent to earth to be sacrificed for them
  • Inspired new meaning for the term "to be crucified" as relates to unjust attack, murder, execution, etc..
  • Gave hope to people who probably don't deserve it inasmuch as he would probably be crucified again if here on earth today

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