This ADDENDUM is immediately appended to the evidentiary AFFIDAVIT OF ALBERT L. PEIA DATED AND SWORN 5-31-05, the PRIOR ADDENDUM TO AFFIDAVIT DATED AND SWORN 6-6-05, AND THE EXHIBITS THERETO INCORPORATED BY REFERENCE IN SUPPORT OF VERIFIED COMPLAINT, and which averments therein are reiterated and incorporated herein by reference thereto. The exhibits collectively annexed hereto as 3_08 ADDENDUM EXHIBITS are incorporated herein and form a part hereof and are further offered in support of the VERIFIED COMPLAINT filed concurrently herewith. Said exhibits include the most recent correspondence with the FBI, along with the RICO litigation summary sent at their request and the proposed, compromised civil resolution to the instant civil RICO litigation consistent with the clear law applicable to the undisputed facts as set forth under penalty of perjury in all said documents.




Dated:                        Signed: ____________________________________________

                                                                   Albert L. Peia, Plaintiff Pro Se